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Powering clean hydrogen solutions for a better tomorrow.

What We Do

H2 Power Co. develops and provides innovative off-grid power solutions including:

  • H2Level 3 Direct Current Fast Chargers (H2 DCFCs) to fill gaps in current EV charging infrastructure.
  • Standalone mobile charging trailers supplying off-grid power to support disaster relief efforts and large events.

We are collaborating with strategic partners and industry leaders to develop hydrogen-powered products to bring these solutions to market.

Meet The Experts

Soraya Kim Larkin

President of H2 Power Co.

During her time at Ford, Hendra managed all the R&D federally funded and state-funded agreements and provided expertise in all areas of government contracting, from proposal submission & negotiation, through contract close-out. Hendra negotiated several hundred agreements, including an $88M award with the Department of Energy for a Hydrogen Demonstration Program, including subcontractors BP & Next Energy, which provided funding for several Hydrogen fueling stations. She also negotiated agreements with EPA, DOE National Laboratories, Department of Transportation, and Department of Defense. Prior to Ford, Melissa spent three years as a contract specialist at the U.S. Army Tank & Automotive Command. Hendra is active in her community, volunteering at Operation Good Cheer, the Special Olympics, and local animal shelters.

Melissa Hendra

Government Contracts Lead

Hepburn has led teams in both Research & Advanced Engineering as well as Product Development at Ford. Prior to focusing on fuel cells, Jeff worked within ICE Powertrain Engineering in emission control and exhaust aftertreatment where he was responsible for the development and implementation of multiple innovations and new technologies for gas and diesel powertrains. Jeff has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Lehigh University and a MS in Management from Wayne State. He's also been awarded more than 50 US Patents and has authored numerous peer reviewed technical publications.

Jeff Hepburn

Vice President of Technology

In her previous role as the University Research Program Manager at Ford, Rose managed hundreds of active projects on a global scale. In addition, she led Ford's relationship with Michigan State University and coordinated a corporate-wide program, prioritizing funding among senior leaders. Prior to that position, Rose played a vital role in automotive interiors at Ford with an innovation award winning team. Her passion for engineering and cutting-edge technology was integral in her role leading the avionics team in the University of Windsor’s rocketry team, placing top three in its inaugural competition. A collaborator, and innovator, with a strong work-ethic, Rose comes to H2 Power Co. with an MASc in Engineering Materials from the University of Windsor and an eagerness to take the company to new heights.

Alexandra Rose

Project Manager

Prior to joining H2 Power Co., Brighton was Manager of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Storage Research within Ford's Research & Advanced Engineering Organization. In this position Brighton led a team of research engineers and technicians responsible for research and development activities on the Fuel Cell Stack, Fuel Cell System, and Hydrogen Storage System. Before this management role, Brighton performed duties as Engineering Supervisor, Program Module Team Leader, and Powertrain Engineer within Ford’s Fuel Cell Research Department. In addition, at both Ford and General Motors, Brighton worked on Automatic Transmissions for light duty vehicle usage. Brighton has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University and a Master of Business Administration for Eastern Michigan University. Throughout Brighton’s decades of experience, he has patented seven fuel cell technologies as well as published three defensive publications on hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Fred Brighton

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell System Technical Expert

Products & Solutions

Standard transportation currently represents 27% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The market responded with innovative hybrid and electric vehicles. What opportunities are on the horizon? How do we power these battery-electric vehicles and apply solutions when a disaster or event requires power or threatens to destabilize the electrical grid? H2 Power Co. is addressing this need by combining the latest hydrogen and fuel cell technology with current infrastructure to meet market demand.

H2 Power Co. provides hydrogen solutions to power:

  • Off-grid EV charging on highways and roads across the US.
  • EV charging stations at buildings and parking facilities.
  • Mobile hydrogen storage units for both natural disasters and large events.
  • A variety of industrial, commercial, and residential properties.

Many of these offerings are still in development. Stay tuned for more information on our innovative range of products.

Level 3 H2 DCFC Charging Stations

Through industry partnerships, H2 Power Co. will distribute rapidly deployable, self-contained, H2 Level 3 DC Fast Charging (H2 DCFC) stations for use in both remote areas and metropolitan hubs, powering all manner of electric vehicles.

Our solutions can also be integrated with gas stations and other businesses. Due to their off-grid nature, H2 DCFCs are well suited for locations in which the surrounding electrical grid cannot support the significant power supply requirements for EV chargers.

Features and Specifications
  • H2 DCFCs can deliver between 50kW and 350kW of power, depending on the capability of the vehicle accepting the input. This translates to an 80% charge in 20 minutes – 1 hour for a typical 60-kWh battery.
  • • The process of connecting to a charger and powering a vehicle is identical to other electrical charging options, but in our solution an active power grid is not necessary for the charging option to remain viable.
  • Different Use Cases
  • • Portable HH2 DCFC charging stations that can circumvent the need for a power grid, for deployment in temporary or emergency situations.
  • • Permanent or semi-permanent ground mounted systems with a single H2 DCFC charger, for private owners to enhance existing travel support developments and access convenient EV charging.
  • • National Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program compliant sites that include at least four H2 DCFCs and meet NEVI accessibility, location, amenity, and reporting requirements.
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    Through our partnership with Steelhead Composites®, H2 Power Co. offers the efficient and portable HydrogenCube™. Suited for medium to large-scale operations, HydrogenCube™ consists of multiple, composite-overwrapped pressure vessels (COPVs) that seamlessly connect into a structure of highly mobile units to hold and distribute hydrogen. Customized to a range of applications, HydrogenCube™ units are designed to fill the needs of hydrogen fueling stations all over the nation.

    Through this technology, we prioritize remote replenishment capabilities and sustainable hydrogen storage. HydrogenCube™ offers an efficient option for mobile, changeable hydrogen storage. When the container is empty, the unit can be easily swapped with a full one.

    Features and Specifications
  • Swappable storage modules that reduce downtime.
  • Technology applicable to any fuel cell, compressor, or electrolysis process.
  • Cheaper, lighter units that outpace batteries for an equal amount of energy storage.
  • Reliable electricity with plug-and-play fuel cell operation, suited for remote locations and areas with limited power grid access.
  • Check back for more information on our upcoming DCFC Mobile Charging Fleet.

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    Mobile Charging Fleet

    To mitigate grid outages, we offer trailer mounted, portable stations for deployment in temporary or emergency situations. These include natural disaster evacuations, unforeseen incidents, and large social events. Each unit in this top-of-the-line fleet comes equipped with H2 DCFC chargers that can be deployed quickly between sites based on need. Combined with innovative, energy-efficient solutions such as the Omniflow® Smart Pole, our EV stations will provide power with options to add lighting for increased accessibility and safety.

    Features and Specifications
  • Our H2 Level 3 DC Fast Charging (H2 DCFC) mobile fleet is suited for unforeseen situations. Due to the risk a power outage poses during these occurrences, our stations are mounted onto trailers, for fast deployment.
  • This option offers mobile, adaptable, efficient charging capabilities that are not reliant on the grid.
  • The Benefits
  • A fleet of trucks carrying trailer mounted H2 DCFC stations.
  • The ability to relocate swiftly and effectively, as required.
  • Not reliant on an active power grid.
  • Easy to use charging cables that deploy from the trucks for organized fast EV charging.
  • H2 Power wrapped semi truck with car being charged

    Who We Are

    H2 Power Co. was created by innovator, entrepreneur, and transportation specialist Dan Dietrich, who recognized an opportunity in the EV market. In this quickly evolving landscape, he saw the potential for an off-grid transportation future where EV owners need not rely on inconsistently spaced charging infrastructure. Partnering with industry leaders, he is currently spearheading efforts to bring charging solutions to market and push the envelope on sustainable, clean energy.

    Why Choose H2 Power Co.?

    H2 Power Co. prides itself on our team of industry leaders and experts in the transportation sector. We believe that the bridge between great ideas and effective execution is knowledge and a passion for sustainable and clean energy. We have designed off-grid solutions for metropolitan areas and remote locations, as well as technology to power cities and businesses in times of need. We are committed to ensuring that people, businesses, and governmental organizations have access to off-grid charging. Contact us today for more information.

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    If your organization is interested in partnering with H2 Power Co. and you are involved in hydrogen production, EV charger design, mobile unit implementation, or transportation technology, we want to connect! Contact us today for more information on the benefits H2 Power Co. could bring to your company, as well as the potential improvements we could bring to the EV and hydrogen markets together.